2023/01/20 (Fri)

「云う透り e.p」シェアキャンペーン&「JYOCHO x ART」スタート! / Share New EP and get a free JYOCHO smartphone wallpaper! And have fun with “JYOCHO x ART”

※English below

3rd EP「云う透り e.p」のリリースを記念して、JYOCHO初の シェアキャンペーン を開催!



また、 「JYOCHO x ART」キャンペーン もスタート!




「云う透り e.p」シェアキャンペーン 




①ストリーミングサービスで「云う透り e.p」をお楽しみください。





②「云う透り e.p」の中からお好きな楽曲のミュージックスタンプを選択。

M1. 云う透り / M2. 文明開化の模様 / M3. 黙祷 / M4. 366






「JYOCHO x ART」 キャンペーン



①「云う透り e.p」をたくさん聴いてお楽しみください。





ご参加いただいた作品の中からメンバー・スタッフでピックアップして、JYOCHO SNSを通じて全世界のJYOCHOファンへ紹介させていただきます。


※「JYOCHO x ART」にご参加いただいた投稿は、事前の通知無しにJYOCHO SNSにてシェアさせていただく可能性があります。予めご了承いただきご参加ください。


In celebration of the release of the 3rd EP "As the Gods Say e.p", JYOCHO is holding the ATGS sharing campaign!

We will give "JYOCHO original smartphone wallpaper" to those who share songs from the EP on Twitter and Instagram (Stories/Reel) in the specified way mentioned below.

Please share the EP along with how you like and feel the songs, and etc.

Also, the "JYOCHO x ART" campaign has started!

You can participate in any way you like, such as dancing to the songs in mathy time signatures, illustrations/photos inspired by the songs, copy and play the songs, etc.

Posts picked up by the members and staff will be introduced to JYOCHO fans around the world through the band's official SNS.

Enjoy the collaboration with JYOCHO!

<<As the Gods Say e.p Sharing Campaign>>

Period: January 20, 2023 (Fri.) - February 19, 2023 (Sun.)

Participation privilege: JYOCHO original smartphone wallpaper


1) Enjoy "ATGS e.p" on streaming services.

2) Tweet with #JYOCHO and #JYOCHO_ATGS and the link to the EP or one of the songs from the EP.

Please tweet us with how you like and feel the EP or the songs!

・Instagram (Stories/Reel)

(1) Open the Instagram Stories/Reel post screen.

(2) Select the music stamp of your favorite song from the EP.

M1. As the Gods Say / M2. The Progress of Civilization / M3. Silent Prayer / M4. 366

(3) Post photo/video anything you like with #JYOCHO_ATGS and tag us @jyocho_jp_kyoto. (For Stories, please keep them in your Instagram highlight)

*Please participate from an account with “public” setting, not “private”.

*Participants will receive a direct message from JYOCHO Twitter/Instagram by the time the period ends. Please follow JYOCHO account and set up to receive direct message from JYOCHO SNS. 

*Please do not delete your postings and wait until you receive your rewards.

*Please DO NOT share the reward image to others.

<<“JYOCHO x ART" Campaign>>

Period: January 20, 2023 (Friday) - March 31, 2023 (Friday)

You can participate on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

(1) Listen to and enjoy "As the Gods Say e.p".

(2) Create ART works in collaboration with JYOCHO's music.

such as dancing to the songs in mathy time signatures, illustrations/photos inspired by the songs, copy and play the songs, etc.

Please feel free to make posts you like.

(3) Post your work with hashtags #JYOCHO and #JYOCHO_ART on the SNS.

(For Instagram Stories, please tag us @jyocho_jp_kyoto and keep your them in your Instagram highlight.)

The JYOCHO members and staff will pick up the works from those who participate and introduce them to JYOCHO fans all over the world through JYOCHO SNS.

*Please participate from an account with “public” setting, not “private”.

*We may share your postings on JYOCHO SNS without prior notice. Please be aware of this before participating.